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Tuesday reblog

well, my computer’s fan is broken..

Saturday reblog

3500 Followers Gift! :D I wanna give cookies to all of you :3

So, I hit 3500 followers, which is CRAZY coz lately I haven’t posted anything (sorry ˘_˘) and I was kinda too lazy to make anything better than just a set of posters, but I’ll try to get my lazy ass to get some poses done :P
Anyway, this is a set of 10 posters with quotes that I find really nice and would honestly, want them in my room too lol. All of these are made by this awesome creator on society6 Allyson Johnson
Mesh is by Dark Things
Download- Mediafire [x] , Box [x]

Saturday reblog

No idea what to even name her :P

Saturday reblog
Why are you so unactive, I love your blog but you barely post now? :|

Awh, sorry but honestly, I kinda got tired of sims coz of my computer problems and also, lately, I’ve been focusing on drawing and tera :P

Saturday reblog

I was bored and this happened :D

Monday reblog

(…dunno why I didn’t add this to the last post..)

Sunday reblog

Been leveling my archer :P

Thursday reblog

Was exploring in tera a bit :P

Wednesday reblog

Was bored :P

Wednesday reblog

Our little elins :3

Tuesday reblog

Tera :3

Tuesday reblog
Tuesday reblog

In case anyone was wondering what I’m doing 24/7 :P